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Check out the latest listings of property in Puglia, Italy, all listed by real estate agents or owners directly. A quick explantation of some of the terms might be needed. A trulli (trullo) is an old stone dwelling with a conical roof, originally a home or shelter for a farmer, shepherd or peasant. A masserrie is an ancient farmhouse (many were fortified and can date back to medieval times) that are often converted into hotels or magnificent homes. A lamie (Lammia) is an old country villa, usually with vaulted ceilings. To locate a home in one of the many historical town centres, use the town house option.

Quick links are in the left navigation to enable you to go to your favoured town, city or area of Puglia. Then are more to each towns different styles of property that is available locally.

Prices still extremely reasonable and very cheap in comparison to some of the old favourites like Tuscany, and there are many true bargains to be found especially if you enjoy haggling. So whether you are looking for a total renovation project to turn that ruin into a holiday home, a modern villa, or a house in the old quarter of a white washed walled town, keep looking, your dream is alive and here!

Ceglie Messapica Villas Brindisi

Ceglie Messapica Villas Brindisi
only 89,000 Euros
(79,015 GBP)

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If you are a local real estate agent in Puglia or a private owner and want to sell your property or properties, all you have to do is Register and the login, it is FREE! All the enquiries will go directly to you, your telephone number and your email address. You can add as much descriptive text as you want and up to 10 photographs. Selling your property in Puglia made very easy! Agents we now offer the free option to upload all your listings in one click via an XML feed.


Buying Property in Puglia, Italy

With houses, shops, land for sale everywhere Puglia, in so many styles (apartments, trulli, messarie, lamie, villas, town houses), sizes (1, 2, 3, 4, or more bedrooms), the choice is daunting, so chose wisely. A cheap property may not be all that it seems, check the area carefully and take legal advice (the property law in Italy can be quite confusing for the unwary) before signing any contract or paying a deposit is sound advice. A good local English speaking lawyer is essential before you agree to anything.

New Property in Puglia Italy

New or off plan property can be a good investment although it is quite rare to find any in Puglia, the market is predominantly of resale or secondhand homes or buildings that require a complete overhaul to bring them up to present dat standards.


Puglia or Apulia as it is known in english, is the narrow strip of Italy with the Adriatic on one side and Ionian sea on the other, forming the heel of the boot. A relatively low populated region of Italy with little heavy industry, tourism and agriculture are the main employers. PugliaThe coastline is very long with a good mix of sandy beaches, cliffs, coves with few large towns or cities spoiling the view! There are certainly no monstrous concrete jungles of the spanish kind here and the italian towns invariably have a quaint historical centre which are usually worth exploring.

If you explore a few miles inland you will find a different world of bustling small market towns, except in the afternoon when everything shuts. The country is full of olive groves and orchards interlaced with tiny lanes lined with barely standing dry stone walls built from centuries of clearing the limestone rocks off the fields.

There is a steady trickle of northern europeans buying holiday homes in Puglia or even retiring here in the sunshine. Prices are generally very good especially away from the coast and you might try to haggle to get a real bargain!

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Property for sale in Puglia. Properties and Real Estate Sales throughout Puglia. Search all areas for villas, apartments, land, commercial, trulli, lamie, masserie, historical houses and more. Find or sell that bargain Puglian home from home. Advertise free Puglia property.

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